I felt the PLC sessions were very beneficial to me as I do not by any stretch of the imagination, consider myself to be a techie guru.
The discussions on the handouts provided food for thought and it was interesting to hear the opinions of others in the group.

Overwhelmed by the glut of info without sufficient time to process meeting 1 meat and potatoes frustrated me.

More time spent hands on with each of the topics would have been more beneficial to me. Hearing how my colleagues were using these technology tools in their classrooms provided ideas as to how I could make use of them in mine. Handouts outlining step by step proceedure,( ie. Wikkis for Dummies) would be of great use. When you try to make use of these tools and get stuck and no one is around to bail you out at odd work hours and there you sit.

Staff development time to spend 1-1 with colleague getting better acquainted with a variety of tools introduced would benefit my understanding.
Submitted by,
S. Sweeney