+My eyes were opened to many more possible uses of technology in the classroom but also uses outside the classroom. I think the more you learn, the more you find there is to learn when it comes to technology as with many other things.
+It was nice to have thoughtful discussions with our fellow staff members. It helps us see more varying points of view.
+I don't feel proficient in any of the new things that we learned, but I have a better understanding of them. I was able to create a power point and have found myself taking better advantage of using the internet to look things up. I've found it quite easy to find a variety of different things in a relatively short time.
+ I've decided I'm missing some computer common sense that I think a person develops when you start using computers as soon as you enter school. Sometimes this lack of so called computer common sense leads to a lot of frustration because you can get a project started, but can't get in completed due to a computer glitch.
+I've also found a few new websites that have been helpful to use with students and have had fairly good success with students using them.
+When we left each session my head was swimming with new things I'd learn, which was kind of exciting. I've also been impressed with all of the neat things that fellow teachers are doing related to technology.
+I've appreciated Greg's leadership in sharing his technology skills with us.