Technology Professional Learning Community One

Members: Jen Clementson, Kristen McCarthy, Deb Tiedemann, Mary Jo Kjos, Jennifer Swanson, Becky Kearns, Jon Schauls, Colin Atkinson.

We Met: 2 Hours the evenings of; September 26th(Jon and Colin presented how to do Wiki's)
October 10th (Jon presented Solidworks and Kristen presented Photostory)
November 13th (Jen Swanson presented youtube and Deb presented unitedstreaming)
November 29th (Jen C and Mary Jo presented Smartboard; Becky and Colin presented Windows Movie Maker)

Professional Articles discussed:
"Future Proofing Students" by Ellen Ullman, i.e. magazine Summer 2007
"A Pod cast of Thousands" by Ann Marie Dlott, Education Leadership April 2007
"The New Face of Learning" by Will Richardson, Edutopia October 2006
"Keys to 21st century Learning" Threshold Fall 2007

Jen Clementsons Reflection

Kristen McCarthys Reflection

Deb Tiedemanns Reflection

Mary Jo Kjos Reflection

Jen Swansons Reflection

Colin Atkinson's and Iron Chef made with Window's movie maker (made by Chad Moyer)

Jon Schauls and Kristen McCarthys Solid Works Movie