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  • List a couple ideas of how you could use a WIKI in your classroom with your students.

List of WIKI Ideas in the classroom:

  • In order to review for a chapter or unit test. Have two students team up and each take a section in the chapter. Have them collaborate together to provide a complete summary, with links to web sites, video's, and other information to help summarize the section. When everyone is done, you will have a comlpete summary fo teh chapter adn students will have created and published this document as a study resource.
  • If working on a project or journal, a wiki could provide a place for students to update their progress for their teacher to access. It can also allow for questions to be asked and answered without needing students to come in early or stay late.
  • I would like to use it for reviewing for tests and pulling together a grammar study sheet.
  • Wikis would be a great place to have students reflect on articles that correspond with each unit. I believe the twist of responding on the Internet would get a wider group of students to read and write than the traditional pencil-paper homework. There are some great moral and ethical debates that could take place in a Wiki. This format would also allow many of the shy, quiet students to participate in an activity that is intimidating in the classroom. An additional use of Wikis would be as a class feedback or evaluations where students commented on what they learned, which activities were the most effective, and what they would change for next time.